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    Good For Your Body, Bad For Your Teeth

    When you learn that certain foods have health benefits, it may seem strange to consider that while these foods are helping some parts of your body, they may be harming others. best full spectrum cbd oil Canada When it comes to your teeth, some foods that carry healthy vitamins or nutrients can actually hurt your teeth by eroding enamel and/or causing decay. Read on to find a few examples of foods that may be good for your body but harmful to your dental health, and what you can do to minimize the damage. –Red wine It has long been believed that a moderate intake of red wine has cardiovascular benefits.…

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    Office Rentals in Mumbai Witness a Downfall of 4%

    India tops the chart in office occupier market in Asia. It has around 425 million square feet of office market with an annual absorption of 30 to 35 million square feet. visit the official Mumbai – the financial hub and commercial capital of the country has always been the best location for commercial space investment. With a large number of growth opportunities in commercial properties, investors within the country and overseas were showing high interest in commercial property in Mumbai. But there is a depressing scenario in this regard, where Mumbai is facing a 4% dip in office rentals in the first Quarter Q1 of the year 2015. While the…